Three Things You Need If Travelling in a Caravan With Two Couples

Travelling with two couples can be an amazing experience, but it can also get a bit crowded in the caravan with four adults. Luckily, there are features and amenities that can make the experience of travelling with two couples fun and functional. Here are some caravan features you may like for your journey: 1. Ample room for four adults to sit safely while driving Depending on the type of caravan you buy, there may only be room for two adults to sit safely and comfortably while the caravan is in transit. Read More 

3 Things You Can Try Before Calling a Towing Service When Your Car Overheats

Have you ever felt helpless when your car overheated while you were driving? Read on and discover some simple solutions that you can try before you call for a tow truck. Top Up the Coolant It is normally advisable to have spare supplies of engine coolant in your car. That supply will come in handy in case your engine overheats. This is because engines may overheat in case the level of coolant is lower than the required level. Read More 

Five Essentials You Need to Drive Through the Simpson Desert

If you want to see the parallel sand dunes of the Simpson Desert and drive through this 170,000 square kilometres of wilderness, you need the right equipment. To ensure you can traverse safely through this rugged region, here are the essentials you must have. Without these items, you may want to forgo a solo journey and sign up for an organized tour: 1. 4WD With Lift Kit To cross the rough terrain of the Simpson desert, you should have a 4WD. Read More 

Safety towing tips | Secure ways in handling heavy machinery

Towing sometimes requires you to tow really heavy machinery such as forklift equipment or very large trucks, and move them to another designated area. Transporting such heavy machinery is no easy task; you have to be well prepared for the journey and conversant with the various safety measures that you should put in place. The equipment being carried needs to arrive safely, and it's up to you to ensure that happens. Read More 

A Few Considerations When Buying a Used Big Rig

A big rig or semi-truck can be very expensive for any individual owner or company owner, which is why it's often good to buy a used model versus a new one. However, there are some special considerations to remember when buying a used big rig, as these heavy-duty trucks suffer excessive wear and tear due to their heavy loads and just their own weight. You want to ensure you take the time to thoroughly inspect any used big rig before you buy, and note a few considerations to keep in mind so you know you get one that will work for you and last for years. Read More