3 Options for Installing Refrigeration Systems in Vans

Are you unsure about the different options that are available if you would like a refrigeration system to be installed in your new van? Read on and discover some of the options that you may consider when you want to convert your van into a refrigerated van for making product deliveries.

Condenser in the Engine Bay

You can have the main components of the refrigeration unit, such as the condenser, installed within the engine bay. This method offers a number of benefits. First, you don't have to worry about overhead obstacles because the height of your van will stay the same. Secondly, cleaning the van will not be difficult since its basic layout will stay the same. You can even use an automatic carwash to clean your refrigerated van. Thirdly, the fuel economy of your van will not be affected when the refrigeration system is installed using this method since the aerodynamics of the van will stay the same as before the installation was done.

However, this type of installation is complicated and time-consuming. This is because technicians must carefully create space for the refrigeration unit within the engine bay.

Condenser in the Roof

You can also opt to have the condenser of the refrigeration unit to be installed in the roof of your van. The system will still be powered by the van's engine. This method takes a shorter time to have the van ready when compared to the method that involves placing the condenser inside the engine bay. The installation cost is also more affordable. However, you will have to be on your guard for overhead obstacles since the height of your van will have changed. The fuel economy of your van may also suffer due to this alteration of its streamlined design.

Dual-Compressor Roof Installation

You can also choose to have two compressors installed for the refrigeration system of your van. One compressor will be powered by the engine while the second will use electricity from a power outlet. This option makes it possible to precool the van's storage compartment before the van gets moving. The van can also be used as a cold room in case you don't have any delivery runs to make. However, you have to be careful about overhead obstructions since the system is also installed in the roof of the van. This installation can also lower the fuel economy of the van.

Discuss the options above with a supplier of refrigerated vans so that you can be able to select the most appropriate option for your application.