What Type of Automatic Gearbox Do You Have?

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. While the way that they work is essentially the same across the industry, the methods used to achieve the main objective – traction and forward motion – vary considerably. If you want to convert the power of your car's engine into these results, you need a way to convert torque into activity, and this is where the gearbox comes in. It pays to know exactly what type of configuration you have, in case you run into any problems. Read More 

Two essential checks to make before a long car journey

A long road journey can take its toll on your car, placing pressure on its systems and increasing the likelihood of problems arising. A breakdown when you're far away from home and have lots of things to do can be incredibly stressful; as such, if you're planning a long journey, it's a good idea to make sure your car is in good condition. Here are two of the most important checks you should make before you hit the road. Read More 

Replacing Tie Rod Ends on Your Car – Common Causes and Signs of Wear and Tear

Tie rods are integral components of a vehicle's steering system. They consist of two parts known as the inner end and the outer end. The outer end is composed of tie rod ends, which are connected to the ball joints of the front wheels. Tie rod ends help push and pull the front wheels as the steering wheel is turned so that they can move together. If tie rod ends break or disconnect from the tie rods due to wear and tear or damage, you can lose control of the car and possibly cause an accident. Read More 

Spruce Up Your Vehicle With Some Snazzy Accessories

If you spend a considerable amount of time in your car, why not take the time to decorate it? There are a variety of accessories that can instantly add comfort, style and personality to your interior. Sheepskin seat covers Who among us does not desire some extra padding in their car seats once in a while? Sheepskin seat covers will transform your driver seat into a luxurious and immensely satisfying woolly throne. Read More 

4 Tips for Completing your Learner Logbook

Introduced progressively in most states during the 2000s, the learner logbook, a record of how many hours of driving practice a learner driver has completed, has quickly become the bane of many an Australian learner driver's existence. Some states, such as Western Australia, are lenient, and only require learner drivers to log 25 hours of supervised practice before they sit their tests. Others, such as New South Wales and Victoria, are more stringent, imposing a 120-hour minimum on their novice drivers. Read More