Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Car for a Special Occasion

If you're renting a car for a business trip or holiday, you may not have many questions to ask the rental agency, other than the time it needs to be returned and if there are any hidden fees you might face. However, if you're renting a car for a special occasion, such as for a wedding, for prom night, or for hitting the clubs on the weekend, note some questions you might want to ask the rental agency. This will ensure you know what's involved in renting a car for these occasions versus a standard holiday.

Ask about restrictions on drivers

A rental agency may have restrictions on the age of drivers, and may even need to have a copy of the license of each person who might drive the car. This is important for parents who might be renting a car for their son or daughter to use for a school event, or if you want to take a group out clubbing one night. Don't assume that just anyone can get behind the wheel; you may forfeit insurance coverage on the vehicle if someone else drives it, or face other types of fees, so be sure you ask about this if you plan on having anyone else drive the vehicle.

Ask about decorations or photographing with the car

If you're using a car for a wedding, special party, prom night, or other such event, you may be thinking of attaching a sign, ribbons, paper flowers, and other items to the car, or using a luxury car as a backdrop for photos. Not all rental agencies will allow this for their cars; even ribbons and flowers meant for cars can leave marks on the paint and especially if they're not applied and removed properly. Some agencies may also have restrictions when it comes to sitting on luxury cars or otherwise using them as props, so always ask about this before renting so you don't face added costs.

Ask about food and beverages in the car

For a special occasion, you may not be thinking of getting food from a drive-through and eating it in the car, but may be thinking of transporting food to the event in your rental vehicle. The rental agency may have restrictions on what you can and cannot transport in their vehicles, especially for something that could be considered catered food. Always ask about this before assuming that you can deliver a wedding cake, keg of beer, or other such items in the rental car.