Signs That You Have Faulty Glow Plugs

When buying a car, you may want to consider buying a diesel car because of its better performance in terms of power, which is a result of its increased torque. One other reason why a diesel vehicle would be a great option is that it requires relatively less maintenance procedures. One of the reasons why a diesel vehicle requires considerably less maintenance is because diesel engines lack distributors and spark plugs, which eliminates the need for regular tune-up appointments. However, instead of spark plugs, diesel engines rely on glow plugs. They preheat the cylinder and allow your vehicle to start easily in cold weather. While glow plugs are durable, they may develop a problem or wear with time, leading to problems. For this reason, watch out for the following signs of faulty glow plugs.

Unusual Sounds

When you turn on your ignition and hear unusual sounds, the problem could be with your glow plugs. This may usually happen on cold mornings or during cold weather. Besides the unusual sounds, listen for any normal sounds that are more pronounced or are louder than usual.

Irregular Engine Patterns or Behaviour

Your glow plugs can still have an effect on your engine even after your vehicle has started. One of the signs you may experience with bad plugs is engine misfiring. Therefore, listen to your engine when you shift gears. This means that you should be keen on rough idling sounds that stop after a few minutes of driving. If you experience such, you may want to have your glow plugs checked.

Hard Starting

Another sign of failing glow plugs is hard starting. A hard-starting engine is in fact one of the most common signs of bad glow plugs. If your vehicle won't start or has a hard time starting, especially in cold weather, the possible reason could be that your glow plugs are failing and therefore won't warm up the cylinder.

Check your battery and fuelling system, and if they are in a good working condition, you probably have a problem with your glow plugs.

White Smoke from Your Exhaust System

If you realise that there is white smoke from your exhaust a few minutes after you start your engine, failing glow plugs could be the reason. This is because if a glow plug is disconnected, it will allow for leaking of your diesel fuel into your vehicle's exhaust. Once you turn on the engine, this fuel may be ignited, leading to the production of white smoke.

If you notice any of these signs of bad glow plugs, contact a local diesel service to help repair the problem.