3 Essential Parts And Accessories To Turn Your Ford Ranger Into The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

If you've just bought yourself a new Ford Ranger, then you've made a smart choice. Ford Rangers have a reputation as a tough, reliable and versatile vehicle, so it's no surprise that they were the third most commonly bought four-wheel drive in 2015. These days, four-wheel drives aren't only bought by off-road enthusiasts; in fact, many four-wheel drives never even leave the safety of paved, urban streets. If you're planning to use your new Ford Ranger off-road, then you may want to add some accessories and parts to make sure you're properly prepared. Here are three essential parts and accessories that you'll need to turn your Ford Ranger into the ultimate off-road vehicle.

1. A bull bar

Also known as roo bars, bull bars are strong metal frames that protect the front of your four-wheel drive from damage caused by collisions. When you're off road, a collision could be with another vehicle, trees or large animals such as kangaroos or wild pigs. Without a bull bar, such a collision could leave you with a vehicle that is unusable, which can be a serious concern if it happens in a remote area with limited access for recovery vehicles.

A bull bar is also a handy framework for other accessories which are designed to ensure your four-wheel drive is even more suitable for off-road adventures. Fishing pole holders, spotlights, winches and radio antennas can all be mounted easily on a bull bar.

2. A snorkel

Snorkels are a heavy duty plastic device that is fitted to the bonnet of your Ford Ranger. Their purpose is to change the air intake for your engine from beneath the bonnet to roof height. This means that when you cross water, your engine won't become flooded.

Snorkels are also excellent for when you're traversing dry and dusty terrain. They'll prevent your engine parts from becoming clogged and damaged by a build-up of dust particles. In either scenario, a snorkel will allow cooler air to enter your engine and help to prevent it from overheating.

3. A tray cover

Ford Rangers have a substantial tray back, which is one of the reasons why it's such a popular vehicle. This large tray is ideal for off-road adventures because it provides ample storage space for all your equipment and supplies. To get the best out of your tray, it's important to use a specially designed tray cover.

Tray covers are essential during off-roading trips, because they protect the contents of the tray from water, dust and mud. They also prevent your equipment and supplies from being accidentally bounced out of the tray when you're travelling on bumpy terrain.

With these three essentials, your Ford Ranger will be ready to head off-road. It's best to ensure that you choose genuine Ford parts when you make your purchases because they are manufactured to fit your vehicle. These parts may even include a repair and replacement warranty as well.