Scrapping Your Car? Don’t Forget These Auto Parts Can Be Recycled

If your car is beyond repair, you might be considering it sending to the scrap yard. Before you do that, you should take it apart as much as possible in order to recycle the parts that can be recycled. Here are some different vehicle parts that can and should be recycled.


Remember that all glass, including all of your car's windows, can be recycled. It is really important that you remain safe when removing the glass, so you might want to use a professional recycling company who is able to get the glass for you. Auto glass can be recycled and used for a variety of things, from other glass items in the auto or other industries to glass bottles, concrete, or even fiberglass insulation.


If you haven't done so already, remove the car battery and bring it to an appropriate recycling center. You should never throw away a car battery since it can be dangerous to dispose of batteries in local landfills. The battery fluid in particular can be dangerous for the environment. If you aren't sure where to recycle it, you also have the option of contacting local auto supply stores. Many of them are able to take your car battery and recycle it through their own program.

Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires of your vehicle can and should be recycled. The wheels are typically made of metal, which can be recycled at most recycling plants. You may even find another use for the pieces on your own if you are accustomed to DIY projects. The tires can also be reused if you don't want to recycle them, such as using them in your yard as a neat planter or creating a target or swing out of them.


The starter in your vehicle might be made of copper or other expensive metals, so not only is recycling possible, but it can even help you earn a little money. You should make a point to remove anything in your vehicle potentially made of copper, since this is a great way to earn a little extra cash while also helping the environment with recycling. The alternator could also be made of metal like copper that is recyclable.

If you aren't sure what can be recycled, bring your entire vehicle to an auto parts recycler. They will help you take apart the vehicle and recycle items, possibly even giving you some cash for the parts.