Three Things You Need If Travelling in a Caravan With Two Couples

Travelling with two couples can be an amazing experience, but it can also get a bit crowded in the caravan with four adults. Luckily, there are features and amenities that can make the experience of travelling with two couples fun and functional. Here are some caravan features you may like for your journey:

1. Ample room for four adults to sit safely while driving

Depending on the type of caravan you buy, there may only be room for two adults to sit safely and comfortably while the caravan is in transit. For example, if you have a basic van turned into a caravan, it may just have two captain seats. For the safety of everyone involved, make sure you get a caravan that can comfortably seat four people with restraints. Alternatively, if you are towing a caravan trailer, you need a ute or other vehicle with room for four adult passengers.

2. Two separate sleeping areas

Caravans have a range of sleeping accommodations and when choosing a caravan to travel with two couples, you ideally want one with two separate sleeping areas, and you want each area to be able to comfortably accommodate a couple.

You can achieve this with a number of different setups. For example, if there is a large bed over the driver seat with a curtain over it, one couple can take that area while the other couple sleeps in the main area. Similarly, in some caravans, you can make a full-size bed in the front with the captains chairs as well as a full size bed in the back, and these areas can be separated by a curtain or by a little door. In some cases, the bathroom door can double as a room divider when you pull it open and latch it against the far wall.

3. Outdoor cooking gear

With four adults together on the road, you want a caravan with ample storage space to fit all your stuff. However, you also want to be sure to designate a bit of that storage space to BBQ gear. Having a BBQ as well as other outdoor cooking gear in your caravan makes it easier to cook outside instead of in the cramped caravan. Pack other outdoor amenities like a canopy and some chairs.

Want to learn more about which caravans work the best for couples? Then, contact a new or used caravan dealer for ideas and options.