Looking for a Caravan? Here Are Some Valuable Features to Look Out For

If you are looking for a vehicle capable of sheltering you in the great outdoors, there is no better option than a caravan. Easily towable behind most SUVs, a caravan allows you to go anywhere and not worry about the amenities because you're catered for. Today you can find lots of new and second hand caravans for sale, especially the latter. If you're a first time buyer and are looking for a unit, read on below to learn about some of the key features you should keep an eye out for.  

Pop tops

A pot top, also called a poptop, is basically a roof that extends upwards and outwards. This is a highly sought-after feature, as it allows one to increase the internal space of the caravan marginally. Once parked, popping the roof out allows you to stand inside the caravan more comfortably. The raised roof also allows hot air to dissipate out easily. And thirdly, a pop top roof brings in more light into the cabin, thanks to the transparent side windows. 

Tandem axles 

A tandem axle is a duo axle. Some caravans have just one axle and others have two. Caravans with tandem axles have some great benefits. One of them is a higher weight tolerance. That is, they can carry more weight. So that means more people, more food, more luggage, more everything. A tandem axle also offers better stability when towing which is great for those riding inside during travel. 

Rollout awnings 

Some caravans have rollout awnings on the side. These are really great for providing shade once you've set up camp. Obviously, no one wants to remain cooped up inside the caravan all day. Thanks to the awning, you can bask under the shade as you eat, read, drink, play or even nap. They also keep the rain at bay should the weather turn unfriendly.

Reverse cycle air conditioning

Most caravans have standard air conditioning installed. Reverse air conditioning is the ability to not only cool your caravan but to warm it as well. With reverse air conditioning, you are covered in case your travel to cold areas or places with low night temperatures. This one feature can save you from getting sick or catching a cold during your much-awaited camping trip.

Of course, there is no shortage to the number amenities available in caravans these days. Other important extras that you should look out for include toilet, shower, washing machine, fridge, batteries (solar powered), gas, water filtration systems, and GPS.