Scrapping Your Car? Don’t Forget These Auto Parts Can Be Recycled

If your car is beyond repair, you might be considering it sending to the scrap yard. Before you do that, you should take it apart as much as possible in order to recycle the parts that can be recycled. Here are some different vehicle parts that can and should be recycled. Glass Remember that all glass, including all of your car's windows, can be recycled. It is really important that you remain safe when removing the glass, so you might want to use a professional recycling company who is able to get the glass for you. Read More 

3 Essential Parts And Accessories To Turn Your Ford Ranger Into The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

If you've just bought yourself a new Ford Ranger, then you've made a smart choice. Ford Rangers have a reputation as a tough, reliable and versatile vehicle, so it's no surprise that they were the third most commonly bought four-wheel drive in 2015. These days, four-wheel drives aren't only bought by off-road enthusiasts; in fact, many four-wheel drives never even leave the safety of paved, urban streets. If you're planning to use your new Ford Ranger off-road, then you may want to add some accessories and parts to make sure you're properly prepared. Read More 

Signs That You Have Faulty Glow Plugs

When buying a car, you may want to consider buying a diesel car because of its better performance in terms of power, which is a result of its increased torque. One other reason why a diesel vehicle would be a great option is that it requires relatively less maintenance procedures. One of the reasons why a diesel vehicle requires considerably less maintenance is because diesel engines lack distributors and spark plugs, which eliminates the need for regular tune-up appointments. Read More 

Three Ways To Recycle Old Tyres And Support The Motor Industry

The average new tyre will travel approximately 50,000 miles during its lifetime. While the technology improves year by year, millions of tyres still get scrapped when they're no longer deemed road worthy, but what happens to them? Fortunately, almost all car tyres are recycled and reused; some of them even find their way back onto the roads. Here are three ways to recycle old tyres, while supporting the motoring industry: Read More